CIG offers something that no other employer can match — we hire the best people to work on some of the most crucial infrastructure projects in the industry. From day one, you are part of a team that protects and improves lives and communities every day through the work that we do.



Consolidated Infrastructure Group, Inc. (“CIG”) was established to provide a full spectrum of outsourced utility asset damage prevention services and solutions to electric, gas, water, sewer, cable and telecom companies throughout North America.

The primary objective of CIG’s Senior Management Team – with over 125 years combined industry experience –  is to establish and maintain unparalleled long-term working relationships with our outsourcing utility partners.

CIG is seeking add-on acquisitions with the following characteristics:
Providers of utility asset damage prevention services and solutions, as well as related utility service offerings.


Experienced and Reputable
Management Team

Extensive Field Data
Handling Capability

Distributed and Automated
Workforce Management

Operations Excellence
and Industry Expertise

Financial Ability for
Expansion Opportunities

In-House Technology Development
and Technical Support


Our comprehensive outsourced utility services include:
– Damage Prevention (811 Locating)
– Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
– GPS Utility Mapping
– Vacuum Excavation
– Private Locating



CIG provides accurate, on-time damage prevention services to ensure our customers valuable underground assets are protected.

These 811 locating services include (but are not limited to):

– Normal Notice Locate Requests
– Emergency Locate Requests (both business hours and after hours)
– Project, Extended Locates and Extraordinary Projects
– Damage Investigations and Testimonial Support
– Site Surveillance/Stand By/Watch and Protect
– Route Patrol and Monitoring

With our CIG Total Solutions approach, we can tailor our services to fit your damage prevention program needs.

At CIG we are not focused on the next million locates, our relentless focus is on ensuring we are protecting our customers assets and the communities we live and serve.


CIG Management has extensive experience managing SUE projects in accordance with the four quality levels defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in its Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. The standards CIG utilizes are endorsed by the FHWA and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

A Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) commissioned Purdue University study quantified a total of $4.62 in savings for every $1.00 spent on SUE.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


Vacuum excavation provides a safe, accurate and efficient method for excavating in congested areas of underground infrastructure.

Our vacuum excavation services include:
– Facility Verification
– Trenching
– Exposing and Cleaning Out Valves
– Marker Ball Placement
– Pole Installation and Repair


CIG provides our customers an array of infrastructure mapping services depending upon customer needs.

GPS Units:  Trimble R8 GNNS system will allow our experienced technicians to capture survey grade information prudent to any project.

Infrastructure Data Collection: Use our Android or iOS custom built, mobile application to collect infrastructure data in the field anytime, either online or offline. Analyze data collection in real-time via cloud storage.


CIG can provide infrastructure locating that falls outside the scope of all State 811 notification services, where privately owned facilities are the responsibility of the property owner. Industry statistics suggest private owned facilities account for approximately 65% of all underground infrastructure, and failure to locate these private facilities can result in service outage, costly repair, severe property damage and serious injury.


CIG is committed to utilizing the latest technologies available. CIG is developing an industry changing Management System designed to streamline many aspects within the damage prevention and locate industry.


CIG fully understands that technology plays an important role in our ability to serve our customers. From the investment of secure ticket management systems to the equipment our field technicians utilize each and every day, CIG is committed to leveraging our resources to ensure that your infrastructure is protected:

From automated ticket assignment, to picture attachments; the Ticket Management System is designed to provide our field technicians with all information needed to complete a successful locate efficiently and accurately.
Our team of CIG Auditors systematically review completed locate requests for accuracy with a 15 point review. These audits are used to train and re-enforce the high quality standards of CIG.
Training is ongoing, not just on hire. Our training program integrates into the system to ensure the technician has the proper training and that the training is current.
Damages are dispatched and investigated through our comprehensive Investigation system. Our Investigators review over 20 points during their review, including pictures (and sometimes video), to record the exposed and damaged area. The report is emailed to the respective parties and made available on the Customer Portal.
Transparency to a new level. Our Customer Access allows our clients to see all locate requests performed, GPS of the relevant vehicles, investigations, and billing… REAL TIME. The Client Dashboard shows relevant data like On-Time Performance, Open Tickets, High Profile Locates, Full Ticket History and much more.

Our goal is to create a system which enables seamless system integration for greater visibility, automation and control, while our customers benefit from precise data integration for more accurate data, exports, audits and customized reporting.


CIG utilizes GPS tracking systems in each vehicle and smartphone in order to maximize operational efficiencies throughout the day. These systems also allow us to centrally manage our workforce to ensure work is performed to our standards. Vehicle & smartphone GPS enable CIG to optimize the distribution of normal and emergency work orders. CIG utilizes back office support to complete internal “GPS” audits.


At CIG, Nobody Gets Hurt means just that – no incidents and no injuries, regardless of how seemingly minor. We all have family and friends who depend upon us to get home safe. We care about our co-workers and the communities we live and serve. We take seriously our responsibility to keep everyone safe on our jobs. Nothing is more important.

CIG builds on the quality of our application and pre-employment screening with a comprehensive training program. All employees must complete and/or prove competency through testing of our module based training program. Our training program includes both classroom and field work during the extensive 3-week formal training period. Our training program is designed to exceed the requirements of our client and state regulatory agencies.


Regardless of the task, safety comes first in all aspects of the job.

Training Program Modules include:

– Understanding underground facility network
– The One Call System (State/Province specific)
– Interpreting client prints
– Theory of locating
– Current and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
– CGA standards/best practices
– Utility markings
– PPE Training
– Excavation Safety
– Operator Qualification

Our organization envisions training as a continuum that extends through the duration of the technician’s employment. All technicians participate in mandatory annual training regardless of tenure/experience.


CIG’s commitment to our vision is embodied in the following principles:

– Provide excellent customer experiences
– Create and maintain a safe work environment
– Establish a culture of trust and open communications
– Expect the best from every member of our team
– Provide the necessary tools and training for career advancement opportunities
– Pursue growth and diversification opportunities


CIG offers something that no other employer can match — we hire the best people to work on some of the most crucial infrastructure projects in the industry. From day one, you are part of a team that protects and improves lives and communities every day through the work that we do. Our employees have a strong sense of pride because their work matters. We expect your best and we will provide you the tools to achieve and build upon that, including expansive training programs and advancement opportunities that are directly based on your contributions.





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